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“Just as ripples spread out when a single pebble is dropped into water, the actions of individuals can have far-reaching effects.”

Dalai Lama

The key to a successful volunteer based organization or a nonprofit is the people involved! That’s what makes this industry so special and also so unique.

Nonprofits offer priceless products – they are inspiring lives and changing the world.

Nonprofits are very special businesses: the people paying for their services are often different from the people receiving their services. This means that engaging the public, bringing in new members or donors, or having a social media presence are crucial to their missions, in addition to delivering programs.

That’s where we help! We Create Ripples is a registered 501(c)(3) specifically created to help nonprofits! We invite you to watch more of our work and read more about how we can create ripples for your organization!

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We work with all types of budgets and understand the importance of delivering your message in a personal and articulate way.
Some of what we do:

Paul Howard

Paul Howard

Executive Director of We Create Ripples

Our Origins

In any story a character’s origins are of great importance to the audience. There is probably nothing more important when telling stories. Without background or context how can the audience understand or ever hope to relate?

Like any great story, my own origins, both personally and professionally, are perfectly suited for this moment and most importantly, for this new venture of mine. I am a survivor. While this does not “make me who I am”, the abuse I suffered as a child and subsequent years of therapy and work have given me a unique perspective and empathy that cannot be taught. Concurrently, and maybe unsurprisingly, I come from the theatre. I have always loved to tell stories. I have always dreamed of impacting the world with these stories. As a young artist, desperate for acceptance, I found my family within the theatre and have grown immensely because of this foundation and training.

For much of my life I interpreted these two powerful aspects as a sort of duality. Around 2017 with the creation of the docuseries Ann Asks, what was once impossible to reconcile finally merged. No longer do I view my passions as an artist and storyteller as something different than my advocacy and desire to tangible make the world a better place. We Create Ripples is the result of this personal discovery and journey.


Our Experience

  • Extensive involvement in Developing, Producing, Writing, Directing, and Creating Award Winning Content including Short Films, YouTube videos, Commercials, Educational Videos, Tutorials, Political ads, Promos, Music Videos, & Documentaries.
  • Directed, Wrote & Produced Award-winning documentary feature film, A Pebble in the Pond.
  • Worked on various productions and produced content for Disney, ABC, Netflix, Sony, Amazon Studios, BBC, MTV, A&E, Lifetime, Freeform and History
  • Producer/Director/Writer for EZ Productions
  • Received a Bachelor of Arts (BA) from the University of California, Irvine in Drama.

  • Received certificate for 2 year audition based training program from San Joaquin Delta College as Theatre major.

We understand that just having a video isn’t enough. This is about telling a story, creating content that entertains, inspires, and gets shared helping to create greater and further reaching ripples! By telling a dynamic story and creating high value, impactful content, you build awareness, expand your community, and bring in more volunteers and donors–allowing for more success in achieving your goals!

Let us take your story to another level using animation!


My name is Tabbatha Mays and I am the CEO and founder of Spirits Landing Inc. I have been fortunate to have met Paul Howard through his impassioned and important work that is 
“Ann Asks” – an opportunity that highlighted the work I had been doing over the last 15 years. I continue to be grateful for this gift and grateful to have had the opportunity to witness his quality films and his quality of person- of human. I smile as I think of his desire to grow, unlearn, and do his part, in his way to make his community better. I gladly support his endeavors and stand beside a fellow human in the belief that WE can make the world a better place…one thought, one kind word, one deed….one film at a time.

Tabbatha Mays

Paul was working on another film project when he first approached us at Assistance League of Long Beach. Working with him during the day I could already see his level of professionalism and expertise while working with us and his team. When we were in need of creating a virtual Grand Opening of our new and renovated facilities, Paul’s name was at the top. He and his team provided much more than a video. The end result was an interesting film that told a story about our philanthropic programs we provide to children in need in our community. Paul’s artistic talent of sharing stories through film is evident when one sees the finished product!

Annette Kashiwabara
Executive Director

I met Paul when L.A. Kitchen was profiled on "Ann Asks". It was a big shoot, and Paul ran the project like a clockmaking wizard. Everything was on time, professional and the end result was a masterpiece. One of the best I worked with.

Robert Egger
Founder, Activist, Author, Nonprofit Guru

2018-2019 President, Assistance League of Las Vegas mission is huge...it can create community awareness, impact, and energy. When Assistance League of Las Vegas worked with Paul and his team for their production of “A Pebble in the Pond”, I was impressed with the time and care he put into learning about our organization and the respect he showed to our volunteers and those that we serve. He listened to any concerns and feedback and brought a fresh approach to telling our story. It was a great experience that built a lasting relationship!

Stephanie Bice
2018-2019 President

Paul Howard is the man who creates the ripples of love. Through his work and collaboration with the wonderful Ann Benson (Ann Asks), he has and is bringing people together through the visual arts of his films. Working with him is a joy. He is one of the good people out there who wants to bring a positive change to this world. And he is doing just that. The more people that realize that we can all work and create together to bring a bigger and brighter harmony to us all, the more joyful and centered life will become. Thanks to Paul Howard, he is one of those who are at the center of the “ripple” of loving change.

David S. Zimmerman
Teacher at Performing Arts Studio West, Producer, Creator of “Meet The Biz”

Paul is a joy to work with because of the enthusiasm and passion that he injects into every project that he takes on. His energy seems boundless and his attention to detail, scrupulous. He cultivates and maintains good, honest relationships which contribute to making the world a better place. Those who have the opportunity to work with Paul can count themselves as lucky

Michelle Tritten

Working with Paul on a “Ann Asks” segment was a great experience. His ability with the team to shed light on great things being done in and around our community is so nice to see these days. We all have a story to tell and having Paul be able to guide you down the path to share that is a blessing and allows others to see ways to get involved that they may not have realized before.

Ross Dodds
Business Owner

It was my pleasure to work with Paul on two occasions. Paul and his crew created a virtual Grand Opening Tour for us that continues to showcase our organization. As a fundraiser, our Chapter premiered Paul’s full length documentary, “A Pebble in the Pond”. This film celebrates the impact that Assistance League has on communities. Paul’s infectious enthusiasm and expertise made for a very successful virtual event.

Valerie Hayward
President, 2020/2021

I met Paul a few years ago when I was asked to be interviewed for a short documentary, introducing the humanitarian work of my friend, Los Angeles based laundromat owner Ross Dodds. When I arrived, Paul was interviewing a couple of Ross’ employees, who, I assumed, had never been interviewed before, but seemed very comfortable and relaxed in spite of a camera and microphone being pointed at them. When it was my turn, I felt the same way. Paul’s sincere and down-to-earth demeanor, and deep interest in the topic put me at ease; he made me feel important, and being interviewed a fun experience.

Maike Booth
Creator of the nonprofit Unfuck The World (UTW) and A Million Drops

I met Paul when he was working on his film A Pebble in the Pond about the Assistance League. He certainly did his research about all the different chapters and their work.  He was so inquisitive about my role as a volunteer and the work of the other volunteers he interviewed. He created a wonderful representation of the work of the Assistance League. What an inquisitive and thorough guy, a pleasure to work with.

Wendy Silver
Prom Days Chair

I had the pleasure of working with Paul during production of the wonderful documentary series, "Ann Asks" hosted by Ann Benson. His team shot their first episode, "It's All About the Abilities," at Performing Arts Studio West, our one of a kind training, production, and talent management facility for performers with developmental and intellectual disabilities in Los Angeles. Paul and his entire crew were amazing - professional, thoughtful, compassionate, and highly competent. The shoot went very smoothly and the end product was beautiful, as was the entire series.

John Paizis

Paul Howard makes doing good in the world fun. His positive energy, know-how and clarity of purpose makes him someone to be supported and celebrated. Let’s keep making joyful ripples together!

Wally & Belinda
Directors of

Paul Howard is a caring, thoughtful person as well as a wonderful filmmaker. He visited our Operation School Bell Program and decided to do a full-scale documentary on the program and the origins of our nonprofit organization, Assistance League® of Los Angeles. It was an experience to be treasured!

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